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Profile of a CSRP

Geoffrey Hagan, Tecta America Corp.: "The RISE CSRP curriculum and accreditation really fills a void we have had in the roof-mounted PV industry since … MORE >

About Rise

Founded by the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing (Center) and National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), Roof Integrated Solar Energy (RISE) Inc. was created to provide a means of evaluating and certifying solar roofing professionals to support the widespread use of rooftop solar energy.


RISE evaluates and certifies solar energy installers for knowledge about critical roof system construction and maintenance practices necessary to support successful rooftop solar energy installations based on principles regarding the installation and maintenance of rooftop solar energy systems without adversely affecting roof system performance and service life. RISE also provides the public with tools to identify skilled rooftop solar energy professionals.


RISE is overseen by a board of directors composed of representatives of key stakeholders from the roofing and solar industries who have a working knowledge of successful rooftop solar installation and maintenance. The efforts of the RISE board of directors are supported by the RISE staff and strategic partners dedicated to providing an effective and efficient certification program for the roofing and solar industries.


To support the mission of RISE, the RISE board of directors:

  • Establishes criteria for assessing professionals' levels of knowledge
  • Evaluates the experience, education and training qualifications of examination applicants
  • Administers examinations
  • Issues credentials to those professionals who pass its examinations and maintains records of those credentials
  • Awards certification renewals to individuals who meet recertification requirements

Board of Directors

President: Aaron Nitzkin, Solar Roof Dynamics
Vice President: Michael Sexton, Firestone Building Products
Secretary: Monica Cameron, Diamond Roofing and Solar
Treasurer: Michael Gaulin, Tecta America Corp.
Johan Alfsen, Quick Mount PV
Yann Brandt, Conergy
Brad Burdic, Johns Manville
Casey Colvin, Dow Solar
Kate Faulkner, Douglass Colony Group
Michael Gumm, MiaSolé
Ben Kogus, GAF
Clint Sockman, Advanced Green Technologies
Rob Therrien, Solar Source, The Melanson Co.

"The RISE CSRP program is valuable to all stakeholders by providing roof construction expertise and helping to mitigate risk in the developing PV industry, especially as it matures."

Aaron Martin

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